Get Relief

I work with people to address the immediate issue while undertaking the longer work of addressing the root causes so that patterns don't repeat.  


When we relive an old experience or pattern but have a new outcome, healing takes place. We need these new positive experiences in order to heal old painful ones. The physical space and relationship I offer allows for this process to unfold and come together.   

A place for lasting change

Some therapies treat symptoms. While these methods may provide short term relief, I believe that symptoms are signals for something deeper. Once immediate issues are resolved, core ones can be addressed to produce lasting change.


Know Yourself

While everyone is unique, there are fundamental and common principles of the mind and emotion. These can be identified by a professional. My training in psychodynamic therapy provided the basis for understanding the dynamics or psychological forces that underly thoughts, emotions and behavior. I reflect these understandings back to you so that you can better know yourself.